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Consulate General of India Toronto

365 Bloor Street East, 7th Floor, Toronto, ON M4W 3L4
Telephone: 416-960-0751, 416-960-0752,  416-960-4831
Fax: 416-960-9812   Website:

Status of individual visa/passport/other consular application may be checked at website  While writing to Consulate about any specific consulare matter the application reference number ( CANT....) may please invariably be mentioned to facilitate tracking of the case. Your contact cell number may also be indicated.





Mr. Dinesh Bhatia

 Consul General

Social Secretary

Office of Consul General

Mr. R.K. Perindia

Consul(Commercial) & (Consular, Passport & Visa)


Ms Usha Venkatesan

Consul (OCI) & Head of Chancery

Mr. Mahesh Chawla

 Vice Consul (Adminstration) & (Cultural,Information, Community Welfare) 

Mr Ajay Sharma

Vice Consul (Consular, Passport & Visa)

Mr. Sushovon Goswami

Vice Consul(OCI)

Mr. Sanjeev Khanna

Vice Consul(Economic & Commercial)

Mr Mahesh Kumar Lakra

Vice Consul (PS to CG) 

Mr.  G.S. Hattimare

Mr.  R.K.Neogy

Mr. Ajay Thakur

Vice Consul(Visa)

Vice Consul(Consular)

ASO (Passport)


Mr.  Azad Singh

 Vice Consul(Protocol)